Each Darling is a member of one of our seven committees:

Executive, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Service, Sisterhood, Social. 



Secretary- Morgan Hawkins, President- Allison Boehm, Vice President- Cassidy Tressider, Treasurer- Bryanne Weathersby

The executive committee consists of four members; the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive committee is responsible for handling all of the interaction between Texas A&M University and the organization. As a committee they also ensure that all essential day to day tasks such as budgeting, room reservations, and decision making is preformed such that all of the other committees within the organization can run smoothly. 



Fundraising Officer- Kaitlin Smith

The fundraising committee focuses on setting up and running profit shares as well as fundraisers. The money raised by the fundraising committee's hard work is used to not only help put on new and exciting Darlings activities and events but also to benefit out philanthropy! We strive to make sure that fundraisers are not only enjoyable for our Darlings to attend and volunteer at but also to make it an enjoyable time for the community to come out and interact with us. 



Co-Philanthropy- Mary Jo Stavinoha, Co-Philanthropy- Emory Alderson

The philanthropy committee’s main purpose is to serve as a liaison between Aggie Southern Darlings and our philanthropy, B.I.G Love Cancer Care. One of the biggest things the philanthropy committee is tasked with is planning and coordinating our annual cornhole and washer tournament known as Backyard Bash. During the planning process the committee is responsible for helping to recruit sponsors and donors for the silent auction as well as recruit players. Backyard Bash is our largest event during the spring semester and 100% of the proceeds from the event go directly to B.I.G. Love Cancer Care, making all the hardwork worth every penny! 

Public Relations


PR Officer- Madison Peerenboom

The public relations committee works to interact with the public on all of Aggie Southern Darlings social media platforms. The committee works to constantly update platforms, answer any inquires, and represent ASD in a positive light at all times. Aside from managing ASD's media, one of the biggest takes the public relations committee handles is creating designs for T-shirts and banners through out the semester. The committee comes up with many different and creative designs to sell in both the fall and spring semesters. Many of our events such as formal, parent weekends, and date parties have T-shirts and banners created to for that perfect photo opportunity to commemorate the good times at the event!



Service Officer- Riley Reynolds

As one of the main pillars of Aggie Southern Darlings, our service committee works to make sure we excel in our pillar. The service committee organizes many different service events such as adopt - a - street clean ups, canned food drives, and weekly nursing home visits for our members to participate in each semester. Some of the biggest service events planned are THE BIG EVENT every spring semester as well as Random Acts of Kindness or "RAKS" during finals season. 



Sisterhood Officer- Chloe Schindewolf

Our unique sisterhood is the one of key components to what makes Aggie Southern Darlings stand out. The sisterhood committee works to find ways and create events for us to further grow our bond as sisters. They come up with ways help bond the members together as sisters who chose one another to learn from and to love. Our Darlings bond through sisterhood events such as moms brunch, s'mores night, galentines, and big/little ice skating. Sisterhood is something we are proud to say we support and encourage always as an Aggie Southern Darling.



Social Officer- Christine Trimmer

One of the many exciting things about being in Aggie Southern Darlings is having the ability to meet new people and make lasting friendships! The social committee is responsible for planning and overseeing all of Aggie Southern Darlings social functions. Each semester, the committee comes up with event ideas for mixers, date parties as well as themes for parents tailgate and semi-formal/formal.