"Serving our University and Community with Southern Hospitality"

As a women's organization, we strive to form relationships that will last a lifetime. We focus on creating bonds that are uplifting and supportive. Sisterhood is a value we hold near and dear to our hearts and we hope that we can continue to strengthen.


 We are constantly looking for different ways to better serve and give back to our Texas A&M's Campus, the Bryan - College Station Community and our philanthropy B.I.G. Love Cancer Care.  As Aggie Southern Darlings we believe that helping those around us helps us grow not only as individual women but as an organization as a whole. We strive to do our best to act with a serving heart through our events such as act Random Acts of Kindness, Backyard Bash, and Adopt A Street.



As Aggie Southern Darlings, we believe southern hospitality is a way of life. Acting with southern hospitality, even if it is just using your manners or holding the door for someone who may need the help creates a warm light in the community. Acting with southern hospitality helps create an welcoming environment and sense of camaraderie among our organization. We strive continuously as darlings to always act with southern hospitality.